Connecting the Dots of World News Events with Bible Prophecy

When I was a kid, I loved dot-to-dot books.  They were great entertainment (before cable, Nintendo, ipods, and the internet ). The more complicated they got, the more I enjoyed them. Gradually, a picture began to emerge as you moved your pencil from dot  to dot.

I think the study of prophecy is much like the old dot-to-dot books. There are so many areas of study, often the prophecy picture looks overwhelming.  Prophecy is frequently avoided by pastors and lay people because it seems too complicated. But when we break it down and come to some understanding of smaller dots, the bigger picture begins to form.

It is always a good rule in prophetic themes not to be so set on an interpretation that you cannot change.  Sometimes a better translation of a passage or a word, information from a parallel text, or world events can cause a re-think.

This newsletter is offered as a way to put the dots together. It is a hope that you gather information on the future to help as world events prepare for the King to arrive. Even so, come Lord Jesus!

Editor, Pastor Wally Winner
492 Bessie Road
Piedmont, SC 29673

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